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For every pint savored, a portion goes towards supporting those in need.

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Together, we’ll raise the bar on kindness and turn every beer into a #Makemybeerday moment.”


For every pint savored, a portion goes towards supporting those in need.

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“Makemybeerday – Brews with a Purpose!
Unite your passion for craft beer with the joy of giving back.
For every pint savored, a portion goes towards supporting those in need.
Together, we’ll raise the bar on kindness and turn every beer into a #Makemybeerday moment.”

Brewing Hope, One Beer at a Time:

Makemybeerday, Where Every Sip Counts! Indulge in the satisfaction of knowing that your love for beer goes beyond taste – it makes a positive impact. Join the movement and be a part of transforming lives, one delicious pint at a time. Together, let’s make every day a celebration of #Makemybeerday and bring hope to the world.”

Raise a Toast!

Where Every Sip Makes a Difference! Embrace the spirit of celebration and philanthropy as you enjoy your favorite brew. With each beer, you not only treat yourself but also contribute to charitable causes, spreading joy far and wide. Cheers to making every day a #Makemybeerday!”


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Dave Robertson

Enjoying life

Highly recommended!

“Unforgettable! This campaign was an inspiring journey filled with unity and compassion. Together, we unlocked doors of opportunity for those in need. Witnessing the joy on their faces was priceless. I’m forever grateful to have been part of this purposeful movement. Let’s continue to spread hope and love!”

Jacob Jones


Celebrating my birthday with beers

“Participating in my own life-changing campaign has been incredible. The sense of purpose and connection with fellow campaigners was remarkable. Every contribution added up to bring joy and relief to those in need. It reaffirmed my belief in the strength of compassion and ignited a passion for ongoing advocacy.”

Ralph Edwards

Product manager

Perfect in every way

“Being part of this campaign was a heartwarming experience. Every donation mattered, and we witnessed firsthand the joy of our collective effort. Together, we’ve created a ripple effect of kindness, changing lives and spreading hope. Proud to be part of such a caring and dedicated community!”

Leslie Alexander

Small business owner

Simple to get started

“Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on this amazing campaign tool. Witnessing the impact of our combined efforts was awe-inspiring. We turned compassion into action, making lives more fun for many. I’m deeply touched by the kindness and camaraderie of our campaign community. Together, we’ve created lasting change.”

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Frequently asked questions

What rewards should I offer to backers?

Enticing rewards motivate backers to support your campaign. Tailor rewards based on different contribution levels, foto of a beer or offer exclusive perks like access to your beerday photos or personalized meetup. Consider creating a meaningful connection with your backers.

How do I communicate with my backers during and after the campaign?

Communication is key to a successful campaign.
Engage with your backers by sending regular updates about the project’s progress, milestones, and challenges. Address questions promptly and express gratitude for their support. After the campaign, continue to provide updates and fulfill rewards in a timely manner, keeping your backers informed and satisfied.

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